Framebuilders Map

Have you ever wondered the following:

“Is there a framebuilder near me?”

“Where is my local framebuilder?”

“Would they mind me popping in for a chat?”

bespoke seat stay bridge
“Track Frame” by Tait Oosthuizen is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Well, wonder no more, my friend. Have a peek at the framebuilders map below to find your local bikesmith! It’s usually a good idea to give them a call before visiting.

I know many framebuilders are not included on the map at this present moment, but more are being added constantly. I care about privacy a great deal, therefore, I have approached this map as an ‘opt-in’ for the industry. Hence, I have initially assumed that any framebuilder not already listing their location on either Google, or on their own website, does not wish to broadcast their location.

CALLING ALL FRAMEBUILDERS!!!!! If you would like to be included on this framebuilders map, please reach out to me with your location and I will get you added before you can say “boil a kettle, this flux won’t clean itself off!”. It doesn’t have to be an exact workshop address, a general location can still help customers.

If you are wondering how this can help framebuilders or customers, head over to my blog post explaining why.

Share this around and we can add to this map with your favourite framebuilder.

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