Isadore Long Sleeve Jersey Review

This is a long term review of the Isadore long sleeve jersey. I’ve had this jersey for a few years now and it’s been well and truly put through its paces. This is not a paid review and I have bought all my Isadore kit with my own funds. This is just my honest experience as a long term user.

Isadore long sleeve jersey riding in the woods
It’s primarily a road jersey but is fine for playing in the woods too.

Looks and fit

It’s getting on a bit but still looks the business, the jersey that is…

The Isadore long sleeve jersey come in no less than nine different colours so there are plenty to choose from. I went for the purple version and as you can see it looks great. It has been through the wash many times and the colour is still very vivid. This is one criticism I have of some lycra jerseys, after a while they can look quite tired. I generally find any merino blend jerseys stand up much better to washing and wearing. They tend to look much fresher for longer, and this jersey is definitely one of those.

The logos all look great but the latest version has done away with the metal ones, which I think help made it stand out from the crowd.  The new version has raglan sleeves, which I think is a good move and should improve the fit further.

The fit is close enough without being restrictive in any way. I am 183cm tall 75kg and wear a medium in most jerseys including this one. The sleeve length is pretty good, even for lanky types such as myself so unless you have proper gorilla arms you should be ok.

Some nice design touches are missing on the latest version

The neck on this is a little bigger than many which is very welcome. Most jerseys I cannot do all the way up due to strangulation risk, but this one fits nicely without restricting blood flow to the all important brain matter! 

One minor point on the fit, I do find it to be a bit long in the body for my taste. And full pockets can feel a little ‘swingy’ when walking about in the cafe. In my experience, lycra does seem to support the contents of your pockets better than this merino blend does. But when on the bike this doesn’t seem to be an issue for me. If you have a more upright riding position it could be annoying.


The pockets on this jersey are large and come quite high up the back. So much so I’ve found it a bit of a contortion exercise in getting to the contents while riding along. People with T-Rex arms will probably cope with this better than I do. The additional zip pocket on the right hand side is perfect for keys and cards etc. 

Isadore long sleeve jersey zip pocket
The zip pocket is a good size but the opening could be a bit bigger

There is an internal chest pocket also but I’ve never really found a use for it. I did put a tenner in there once, forgot about it and it ended up going through the wash. Thankful that cash is plastic these days!! I see it more of a design feature as it does make the jersey look a bit more interesting.

There are loops on the inside for headphone cables but I never ride with headphones. No idea who uses these but someone must as they appear on lots of quality kit! 


Isadore indicate that this jersey is good for between 5°C and 20°C, and I’d say that pretty much checks out. As ever, it does depend on the intensity of the ride. I wouldn’t choose this for a really hard effort at 18°C, for example. But I have used it as a layer down at well below zero in the winter. It does however benefit from the help of a gilet, as biting winds do tend to whip through the fabric. 

Do some people really iron their cycling kit?

Wear over time

I have had this for a few seasons now and it still does look very good despite a ton of use. The label advises to wash at 30°C but we wash at 40°C sometimes and what do you know, it hasn’t exploded yet! It is bobbling a little now as you would expect from a woollen garment. However, this is is only noticeable right up close. 

In terms of function it is as good as it ever was even though I haven’t strictly adhered to the washing guide. As long as you treat it with a bit of care and remember not to tumble dry, it should provide many years of service. 


At £140 this is not exactly a cheap jersey, but given that it lasts so well I think it’s good value. I have other cheaper long sleeve jerseys from the likes of DHB that I almost never wear as I always reach for this first. If I think of ‘price per hour’ spent in each jersey, there’s no doubt the Isadore one is better value.

I have to say I don’t think this will be my last Isadore long sleeve jersey. They look great, are very comfortable and will last many years of use. Its versatility makes it a real handy thing to have for all four seasons, if you live in a temperate climate. Even at the price point I can’t see anyone being disappointed by what you get. is the place to get one.

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