Pedaled Heiko Jersey being worn

PEdALED Heiko Jersey Review

This is a review of the PEdALED Heiko Jersey. I’ve been wearing this throughout the summer months and in this post you will find out what it’s been like. 

PEdALED Heiko Jersey straight out of the packaging
Fresh out the packet!


I went for my usual medium size and that was the correct decision, the length is pretty much perfect. 

The overall fit is racy without being overly tight. One thing I notice in particular is the fit around the middle. It is unusually close, quite perfect for me in fact as I’m fortunate enough to be pretty small around the middle. It’s quite noticeable and I’m wondering if the tops of the pockets are constructed in such a way that it ‘grips’ you in this area. 

As I say my build means this is no problem, but if I were larger around the middle, I’d find it a bit restrictive. 

PEdALED Heiko Jersey being worn
Yes, it was a cold day!!

The arms are reasonably slim, but they could go a bit skinnier in my opinion. I do have a minor bug bear with the sleeves in that there are no arm grippers. As a result the sleeves ride up immediately. Definitely spoils the look a bit once you’re on the bike and is bit annoying. Looking at the snazzy photographs on the PEdALED website, my sleeves do not stay down there.

The tail is dropped slightly and there’s a gripper portion at the back which seems to work well to keep this in place.


The style is the trump card of this PEdALED jersey. 

It’s quite minimalist but the stripe down the back is a nice touch. 

I also like that the lower portion of the jersey is black. I’ve not seen this before and it make the jersey stand out a bit from other offerings. This also sort of lessens the look of bulging pockets and draws the eye towards the top half. 

If you are into ‘screamy’ branding then you probably want to look elsewhere. It’s very subtle. With the brand logo on the front left breast and a cool stitched patch on the middle pocket. 


The storage is pretty standard for a jersey at this price point (£94) with three rear pockets and an additional zipped pocket on the right.

Pockets are good but not particularly deep.

The pockets are of a decent size, but are all the same depth and width. Sometimes we get a deeper middle pocket but not here. Your mini pump will definitely stick out of the top.

However, this lack of pocket depth does mean they are all easy to access.

The side-entry zipped pocket is part lycra and part super soft fabric to protect your phone screen. It’s a good size as well and is easy to open and close. I easily get my phone, cards and keys in there with no issues.

Material and construction

This PEdALED Heiko jersey is made from a mix of materials. The majority of it is a very thin and stretchy lycra. It really is a very lightweight jersey and I’ve found it really great on warm days due to the light, thin material. I have tried it in colder weather (18°C) and I was a bit chilly. Living in the UK this will definitely be a summer jersey only.

I have used a merino layer underneath down at 15°C and it felt pretty good, but lower than this I will likely go for a long sleeve anyway. For 80% of the year here I will probably be reaching for a something a bit more substantial. I think if you live in a hotter climate you will love this thing, you will stay very cool!

There is no protection from inclement weather in this jersey. Having been caught in the rain wearing I can tell you it got soaked almost immediately. However due to the weight of the material you do dry out very quickly.

There are lots of internal seams, which didn’t really bother me but if you are sensitive to this you will want to look elsewhere I think. They are quite bulky and I have spotted a few little stitching errors particularly around the bottom zip guard. It doesn’t affect the performance but it’s a shame really as the design and look is really excellent. 

How does it wear over time?

I have only had this a few months but it’s bearing up very well especially given the light fabric.

I find myself pulling the sleeves back down often!

I was concerned that the black sections of the jersey might run in the wash pretty quick and turn the rest grey. This has not happened and after a couple of months it still does look brand new. The white looks very fresh still – well done PEdALED!

Despite the fabric feeling very fragile it doesn’t look tired or anything and the pockets are still supportive and there no ‘sag’ setting in.


This is a very nice looking jersey and the design is as good as anything out there in my opinion. It also looks pretty good value at under £100. The pockets are good and it’s easy to wear on the bike. Glad I bought it!

However, there are a couple of very minor quality issues that I think Pedaled could look to improve on – better stitching and arm grippers wouldn’t go amiss too.

I have definitely noticed a trend in recent years where the price of all cycling kit is going up but the quality is going down. Maybe brands are looking at the success of the Rapha model and trying to replicate this, but failing when it comes to matching the quality. Five or six years ago £100 would have got you a very well made jersey indeed. Unfortunately a lot of companies have this as their entry level and the quality just isn’t quite there anymore.

I also bought the PEdALED Heiko bib shorts to go with this jersey and was very disappointed! They had a number of issues right from the outset to the extent that I’m not even going to review them!

If you’re looking at a jersey for winter I recently reviewed the Isadore Long Sleeve Jersey so check it out here!


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