Resolute Bay Jacket Review

Resolute Bay jacket front

If you’re commuting all year round, your choice of jacket can make a huuuuge difference! It will change how comfortable you are, what you look like when you arrive at work, and most importantly, whether you look outside on rainy mornings and reach for your car keys! I bought this Resolute Bay jacket just before the winter last year and it’s seen daily use since then in all weathers. This is an in depth review of how I’ve found it and the pros and cons of this jacket.

This is not a paid review, and was bought with my own money. Just my honest opinion.


The look of commuter jackets is primarily functional in nature. Visibility above all else. This is their core reason for existing in the market and the Resolute Bay jacket goes down a slightly different path to others currently available.

Resolute Bay jacket close up of reflective pinstripes
The reflective pinstripe is effective and interesting

The reflective element here is achieved in pinstripe all over the jacket. As you can see it does a really good job. Most commuter jackets have reflective strips located here and there. Unfortunately these can be obscured by bag straps or even folds in the material when riding. The all over pinstripe on this ensure there is always loads of reflective finish on show to other road users. It works very well indeed.

It also makes the jacket look less ‘commuter’ and more stylish. Most commuter jackets look a bit, well, shit. But I suppose they are essentially safety clothing, so it’s no big deal really.

Styling may be a secondary consideration but you have to applaud Resolute Bay for doing things differently. Even though it’s bright orange I have no problem wearing this when out for a walk, or even in the pub which is a big plus.


I ordered a medium which is my usual size and that’s about right for the job at hand. It’s not a race-y fit, which is the right call for a commuter jacket. There’s loads of room to move about looking for traffic and shifting around on the bike is easy, with no pulling or restriction.

Resolute Bay jacket from the rear

There’s plenty of room underneath for layering up as temperatures drop. The fit also makes wearing normal clothes underneath perfectly comfortable, unlike if it was a close fit.

There are elastic drawcords at the neck and the bottom hem to adjust the closeness there. Velcro at the cuffs to stop the rain going up your sleeves work well.


You get four pockets on the Resolute Bay jacket.

The two front pockets are a good size and the openings are larger than you might expect. Its super easy to get stuff in there but you wouldn’t want to leave it unzipped as you might lose the contents!

The small inside pocket is too small for a big phone but would be fine for keys and cards etc.

The last pocket is a cavernous space stretching right across the lower back. It’s side entry, and easily fits A4 documents or magazines – not something I’ve seen on a jacket before. Again, a really practical addition to this commuter jacket and one I never have thought I needed!

Material and Construction

The fabric of this Resolute Bay jacket is made for one thing only – to repel water. I have ridden in the wettest conditions that western England has to dish out and even in the most intense deluge not a drop has gone through. This a pure waterproof and you will not be disappointed in how it performs in wet weather.

The taping reveals that this is a seriously well made garment – zoom in!

All the seams are taped internally and the pockets have flaps over the zips which stop the water getting in here. Resolute bay were not mucking about with the taping, and you can see looking at the inside the quality of construction is awesome.

There is no insulation whatsoever inside and the jacket is quite thin. This suits me as I can use it during summer without cooking. As mentioned earlier layering up with warm clothes makes up for the lack of material when it’s chilly. The lack of warmth make this a much more versatile piece of clothing than insulated commuter jackets, in my experience.


Now, I don’t care what any apparel brand or mainstream cycling publications say.

No truly waterproof jacket is breathable. Cycling brands can keep their marketing, I don’t want to hear it anymore.

If you’re working hard in a proper waterproof, you will heat up very quickly, and the Resolute Bay jacket is no different.

Venting is the only effective way to combat this. Thankfully this jacket has two very large zippable vents under the arms. They are really huge and when opened fully they let a serious amount of air in and out.

The zipped underarm vents are massive.

Perhaps opening a vent does reduce the watertightness of the jacket but it’s not as bad as it seems. In so much as they are mostly downwards-facing vents, so unlikely to let in much water if it’s chucking it down.

There’s also a vent across the top of the back to allow air to escape the rear of the jacket. There is no zip to close this but it has a storm flap which should (and does) prevent rain ingress.

Wear over time

I’ve been using this for 12 months and I’ve come across no issues so far.

Being orange it does show the dirt and you want it as clean as possible for maximum visibility. I haven’t run it through the wash yet but wiping the outside with a wet soapy cloth seems to do the trick.

It’s a good idea to dunk the collar and cuffs in a little warm detergent from time to time. I doubt much else is needed really.

Resolute Bay Jacket at night
The reflective stripes make the jacket much more visible in headlights


If I was being extremely picky perhaps the zip tags could be beefed up a bit. I find them hard to grasp with a gloved hand on a cold day so something chunkier would help. I am really scraping the barrel here though.

It’s fairly pricey but it does everything I need it to do on my commute, and does it perfectly. It’s so well thought out and looks good too. I genuinely think this is the best cycling jacket I’ve ever owned, and makes the £200 outlay well worth it.

Not to mention this is a relatively small business, and that’s another reason that this jacket is so impressive.

In fact I would go so far as saying that this is, hands down the best cycling jacket I’ve ever owned. It sticks to the brief and it really gives me confidence on those shitty mornings.

Knowing I’ll arrive at work in dry clothes whatever the weather means I never even think of taking the car. That’s what a good commuter jacket can do for you!

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